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In 1977 I began making Christmas ornaments out of bread dough. While I enjoyed the craft, the baking time was long (5 to 8 hours), the detail was 'iffy', and when not properly stored, the product life-span was short. I 'dabbled in dough' for ten years. In 1987 I discovered polymer clay and was thrilled by the achievable advantages of this medium. There was no turning back.

My designs are whimsical and while most of my pieces are made with Sculpy III, I often combine Premo, Fimo and Super Sculpy.

In 1995, I published the following book with HOT OFF THE PRESS

Some of the photos used in this site are the property of HOT OFF THE PRESS, INC. and they are credited to reflect same. Those rights are reserved by HOT OFF THE PRESS, INC.

All other photographs and designs are the property of the author.

My "clay studio" is actually a little corner in my basement. I keep about 200 of the 2 ounce blocks of clay on hand. Try as I might, keeping my work area clean is nearly impossible.

Here is a pictue of my work space when it is cleaned up

And in this photo, the arrow above the chair points to the 6 X 6 inch area that I usually end up working in.

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